This project was conceived in collaboration with the Green Long Beach Festival that was held in May of 2009 in Long Beach, CA. Artists were asked to support the cause by making and exhibiting work with recycled materials throughout the outdoor downtown locations. I collaborated with other artists from the MFA program at California State University, Long Beach- Gabriel Remon, Nancy Curran, Nancy Mayhew, Julia Haft Candell, and Yael Pedroza by incorporating recycled art into the two downtown alleys.

Alley InstallationAlley Installation Gabriel Remon, Nancy Mayhew, and I Free standing landscape drawingFree standing landscape drawing Mixed media on paper and cardboard My Alley ConstructionMy Alley Construction   UntitledUntitled Gabriel Remon Collaboration with Gabriel RemonCollaboration with Gabriel Remon   Automatic Wall DrawingAutomatic Wall Drawing Pen and tape on recycled wall paper    Yael Pedroza's fence piece Alley installation-Alley installation- Nancy Curran and Julia Haft Candell